Christmas Comes Early this Year at AAGEX Freight Group

Every year in this great country, and in many places around the world, we are blessed with the holiday season, which starts for some as early as Halloween, but surely no later than Thanksgiving. With it comes a familiar feeling of all that is good in the human spirit, and is a time to reflect with fond remembrances of family, friends, and good times.

It also brings the promise of a new year, a new start, a chance to reset all of our goals, both personally and in business. It is a time, I suspect, when most of us truly touch an understanding that it is not what we take, but rather, it is what we give that makes us who we are. A life of counting your goods, and concern only for one’s own well-being, cannot match a life devoted to giving to your faith, your family, your friends, and this great country we all cherish.

So, here are some thoughts for all of us to ponder this holiday season:

  • Give more than you ask for or take, and do business with people that operate the same way - - the relationship will flourish.
  • Repeat after me, “I will follow the Golden Rule.”
  • Make your parents proud; let them know you listened to their advice and wisdom by your actions and deeds.
  • When you’re facing a difficult challenge, start climbing, start working, and ask for help when you need it.
  • You will achieve your greatest success by making good decisions and following through – nothing gets done unless someone gets to work, don’t standby and observe, get after it.
  • Give of yourself and treasure to worthy causes that uplift your community.

Christmas comes early at AAGEX, with Santa bringing us new sales and operations agents in south Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee. At AAGEX, we treat one another with the following attitude of respect: YOU matter, I matter, WE matter. Welcome to the AAGEX family, we wish you all season’s greetings and a happy new year. Let’s go move some freight.