New Year, Same Mission

Our mission in 2017 is a continuation of the pursuit of our founding principle - - relentlessly support the most talented freight professionals in the industry to achieve a superior customer experience through service excellence. 

The new year is traditionally a great time to re-set goals and metrics to achieve the mission. Everyone benefits from knowing what success means for them individually, and for the team (or company) as a whole. At AAGEX, we set our goals and metrics around our customers’ service requirements and expectations. On-time pick-ups and deliveries, cargo protection, proactive communication metrics remain constant without regard to season or market conditions. Our success follows our commitment to hire professional drivers, to work with a select pool of other capacity resources and to empower our talented our freight logistics professionals with the tools they need to compete for, and win more business.

We know the saying “truck drivers keep America (economy) moving” is true, so we built our driver program to attract and retain capable professionals, and because our customers expect the very best from our drivers. To secure top talent, we support the latest technology, fuel cards, IFTA tax collection and reporting, a tag program, on-board electronic logs. Because we’re a “safety first, safety always,” operator, we also offer driver safety performance recognition and financial incentives. 

Happy New year, keep on trucking, and let’s get after it in 2017!!