AAGEX Freight Group and Hazel Partners Insurance Join Forces to Reach Transportation and Logistics Markets with RSQ Practice Group

Jacksonville Beach, FL – AAGEX Freight Group, LLC and Hazel Partners, LLC have joined forces to provide comprehensive risk management advisory services to the transportation and logistics industry through a joint venture they’ve named “RSQ Practice Group.” With the continuing growth trends in the logistics industry, many companies are facing new, and ever demanding, finance, technology, and risk management challenges. AAGEX, a specialist in technology systems, risk assessment and loss control management services, including cargo claims administration and transportation contract preparation, currently serving a network of transportation and logistics professionals, identified an opportunity to partner with an experienced insurance and risk firm to help meet the needs of many small to medium sized transportation and logistics companies.

“Our Hazel Partners team is thrilled to work with AAGEX to bring real value to the heart and soul of the transportation and logistics industry, namely the small to medium sized businesses, typically family or privately owned, incredible entrepreneurs arranging and transporting freight in the United States,” said Curtis Hazel, President and CEO at Hazel Partners. Mike Williams, President at AAGEX echoed Hazel’s passion for the entrepreneur. “Our industry is dominated by the smaller sized companies, but they’re under pressure to keep pace with a trend of consolidation. Back office administration concerns such as finance, technology, and risk management must have the benefit of subject matter expertise to keep up.”

RSQ Practice Group offers a proactive approach to reducing costs associated with loss prevention and loss control. Every business has exposure to hazards in its operations driven by industry regulations, competitive landscape and the imperfections of human behavior. The RSQ team has expertise representing motor carriers, shippers, freight brokers, and forwarders.

AAGEX FREIGHT GROUP, LLC is a non-asset transportation services platform company offering freight transportation and logistics solutions through a network of independent branch locations expanding across North America. With our promise of service excellence and professionalism, we provide or arrange freight transportation services, and other value-plus supply chain execution services, to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.