When the month of January rolls around, it’s time for everyone to take a look at what worked and what didn’t. If you’re struggling to find a company that can help you achieve those missed 2017 opportunities, we invite you to see how AAGEX Freight goals for 2018 can help get you there, faster.

If you’re reading this, thank you. We know your time is precious. 2017 was a challenging year, but if you were positioned with the right company, you probably did well.

However, if you struggled and felt like you didn’t have the tools or support to grab the opportunities that came your way, now is the best time to take a long hard look and assess your current situation. 2018 looks like more of the same – increasing freight demand and tight capacity.

Don’t let disappointments from last year spill into the new year. Change is always tough until the benefits of change are realized, then it’s “why did I wait so long?”

We invite you to take look at AAGEX Freight Group.

At your convenience, pick a day and time you’re available to talk. Let’s spend 15 minutes dreaming big and exploring how AAGEX does it better than the competition. We want to hear your story and where you want to take your business.

Sure, we’ll brag about our brand and describe how it is built by the best, for the best, because it is. The foundation of our “corporate culture” is a deep appreciation for your talents and results, and our compensation model rewards your success in real time, as you achieve.

In conclusion, we have leveraged our years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of the freight transportation industry to formulate an opportunity you simply need to hear, and then decide if it fits for you.

Reach out to me when your schedule permits, and let’s talk.

Mark Weiss
Phone: 888-622-0006 x 113