The third in a series of blog posts written by AAGEX President Mike Williams:

Despite continuing attempts to “automate” the freight transportation and logistics industry through advanced technology systems, we remain heavily dependent on people to perform activities, routines, and tasks that only people can do. People are important to our business. For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard people tell other people, “work smarter, not harder.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? Who would ever disagree? If you see one of these people on your team, that is, someone who would rather work harder not smarter, kick them off (your team). As we have all come to realize from the advent of the internet, the smart phone, and now developing artificial intelligence, (among other tech stuff) technology is the gateway to actually accomplishing the objective of working smarter, not harder.

As the competitive landscape of the freight transportation and logistics industry continues to evolve, trucks, trains, planes, ships, pipelines, and carrier pigeons will remain the physical delivery mechanisms, but technology will be the advantage of the winners. Every business, no matter the industry, is fundamentally challenged by the productivity of its assets and resources – – measured in terms output and return on investment.

In my earlier posts (AAGEX – THE AMERICAN DREAM and YOU; and AAGEX – SECRET SAUCE REVEALED), I placed my biggest bets on people, because people make it happen. Not just people who can fog a mirror, but special people with an incredible self-determined attitude and purpose to continuously deliver a superior customer experience through service excellence.

The future is now, incredibly talented people require advanced technology platforms or they are disadvantaged, no matter how talented. The largest companies with deep resources are making big bets on technology as the difference maker.

At AAGEX, we invested in a technology system and platform we believe empowers our sales and operations experts to identify and execute customer solutions with great efficiency, and reserves for people what people do best in a highly productive manner. The combination of leading industry technology systems and our entrepreneurial fueled agent network engine is tomorrow’s necessity TODAY.

If you are a talented sales and / or operations professional who believes in achieving a superior customer experience through service excellence, and you desire to work with a company that focuses on supporting your pursuit of your ideal of the American Dream with leading market tools, and where your EARNING potential is UNLIMITED, please contact us at  (888) 622-0006 or visit us at