The second in a series of blog posts written by AAGEX President Mike Williams:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the ideal of the “American Dream” and what we’re doing at AAGEX Freight Group (“AAGEX”). Today, I’m revealing the “secret sauce” or the “why” we’re having success.

Over the years, I have had the honor and privilege of working with some of the finest, most talented and courageous, transportation and logistics professionals. These individuals epitomize the American Dream. What I admire and respect most about these past and present colleagues is that their foundation, their way of thinking, is committed to service excellence, they each have a personal drive to deliver a superior customer experience, and they arrive every day wired for success. They simply require the support of their team members, honest and transparent relationships, and consistent, reliable information to deliver their optimal performance.

In the AAGEX business model, sales and operations experts are empowered to discover customer opportunities and execute solutions through a central platform consisting of technology, working capital, risk management, sales and marketing resources, and experienced administration personnel. To be sure, not all agent programs are the same. At AAGEX, the relationship between “front office” and “back office” is dynamic, and generates synergy. We don’t take, we give. Potential is unlocked and realized. Producers are rewarded in clear terms – – they are heroes to their customers, their team, and their families.

In a company owned central or branch model, managers and their staff enjoy the comfort of a regular pay check, benefits, and continuous support from headquarters. Bonuses come when they come, but usually at someone else’s discretion rather than directly in the controller of the producer. The trade-off is clear, security and peace of mind in exchange for the fruits of their labor. In consideration for sometimes tenuous security, these high (and some low) performers very likely sign restrictive covenant agreements (non-compete and non-solicitation agreements) that ensure the company owns their book of business, locking them in to a continuous restrictive cycle. Many companies and talented individuals thrive in this model. With minds at ease that accounts are protected, and with predictable weekly income, the company branch team can focus on sales calls and service execution. But what is their motivation to achieve their greatest success? Fear of losing their security? Maybe. A desire to win, and earn more compensation? Let’s hope so.

Interestingly, the company owned branch model has many of the same attributes as the agent model, like a central technology platform, working capital resources, solid insurance programs, and sales and marketing support, so what’s different?

At AAGEX, our agent principals own and retain their book of business, coming and going, and they are rewarded in real time for their results. Day in and day out, our management team and staff work tirelessly to support our network. We know it is all about the entrepreneurial fire of our agent network that drives our business, and we know it is each agent’s pursuit of their own American Dream that fuels us. We arrive at the AAGEX offices each day inspired by our agents – – like trapeze artists who perform without a net. Our model instills a “must win” culture at the point of attack, in the field where competition is fierce and unforgiving. Our agents win because they’re capable, it is inside each of them, and because they have to achieve success, and we support them every step of the way. So what is an AAGEX agent’s motivation? Fear of losing their security? Not a chance. They are motivated by their freedom to WIN and earn an unlimited paycheck as they chase their ideal of the American Dream!

The AAGEX business model is designed to maximize the individual talents of our agent network by supporting each individual agent’s own self-determined American Dream. Our approach ensures that varying personal preferences, abilities, and objectives, as well as different market advantage points, are an asset, not a liability. The collective realization of these sometimes disparate pursuits is our secret sauce.