We built AGX with you in mind, the professional freight transportation and logistics entrepreneur. While you're focused on sales, growth opportunities, and service execution, we provide a platform of support including finance, carrier and vendor administration, technology, risk management, and marketing. Because we operate exclusively through a network of independently owned truck terminals and logistics offices, our success follows yours. We are always seeking the very best and talented entrepreneurs. We have made a substantial investment in our platform to make your experience with us exceptional, and profitable for you.

US DOT: 1755933 | MC: 642324

Safety and Compliance: ELD Compliant | Diligent Driver Hiring Requirements | Hazmat | Bonded

Insurance: $1,000,000 Auto Liability | $250,000 Motor Truck Cargo | Occ/Acc | Non-trucking Liability | Physical Damages Policy

Support: Sales and Marketing | After-hours Assistance | IT and Operations | Legal and Claims | Credit, Billing and Collections | Safety Department

Technology: Proprietary TMS | DAT | Truck Stop

US DOT: 2472021 | MC: 852511

Network: Expansive Database of Carriers

Monitored Capacity Criteria: SaferWatch | TIA WatchDog | Carrier 411

Surety Bond: $75,000 via Transportation Intermediaries Association

Insurance: $1,000,000 Broker Auto Liability | $150,000 Contingent Motor Truck Cargo

Technology: Proprietary TMS | DAT | Truck Stop | Trucker Tools