As families are finishing up their summer vacations and traveling back home, summer is winding down and everyone is switching gears to fall and the new school year. Shopping for new clothes for growing children and making sure the school supply list is checked off. Families are buying the necessary items for the upcoming year.

But, have you ever thought about what goes into getting school supplies from the manufacturers to local stores, schools and our homes? The logistics of the second biggest shopping season takes a lot of preparation. Back-to school is only the beginning of the peak season for road transport, which is from August thru October.

On average, a parent spends over $700 on Back-to-School each year. This includes supplies, shoes, clothes and electronics. In 2016 spending for families with children in grades K-12 is expected to reach $27.3 billion. If you look at college spending too, the total expected in 2016 jumps to $75.8 billion.

Keeping the stores stocked is only one part of the logistics of back-to-school. Over 70 percent of Americans have made a purchase online in the last year. Freight companies also help move product into place for online orders.

At AAGEX Freight Group LLC, we handle all kinds of freight, from school supplies to construction supplies for the newest school in the city. AAGEX is a non-asset transportation services platform company offering freight transportation and logistics solutions through a network of independent branch locations expanding across North America. With our promise of service excellence and professionalism, we provide or arrange freight transportation services, and other value-plus supply chain execution services, to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.