Here at AAGEX Freight Group we believe that moving at the speed of business is what separates us from our competitors. Our customers do not want to wait around for us to “get to them” nor do they want to waste time. When they have something to move, they want it moved now!

Our track records set us apart from our competition. If there is one thing we believe in at AAGEX Freight Group, it’s speed; Speed to qualify new customer credit, speed to settle commissions, and speed to on-board our new carriers.

What We Believe

At AAGEX Freight Group we believe that even though we may be relatively new to our industry, we offer experience when it comes to transportation. We provide full service shipping and transport services ranging from full truckloads and flatbeds to partial truckloads. Here at AAGEX Freight Group our agents, customers, carriers and employees come first. We believe that if they are happy, everything else will follow and fall nicely into place.

We are building an experienced team by balancing our own growth and execution with risk management. Our company culture thrives on the passion of the entrepreneurialism of our agents – something other companies may take for granted. We believe in hiring the best partners our industry has to offer, which is significantly what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our operating entities include:



We offer our drivers, agents and all of our employees the best in ongoing education, with a major emphasis on safety; safety on the road, safety in the workplace, and overall safety in our day to day living.  Being a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) sets us apart to both shippers and carriers as being among the best and most ethical in the industry. The TIA also provides us with state-of-the-industry educational opportunities, and at AAGEX Freight Group safety and education is a way of life, making us an ideal choice for anyone needing shipping and storage logistics assistance. When you put your shipping needs in the hands of AAGEX Freight Group, you are choosing the best in the business.

If you are a freight agent looking for a boost in your career working with experienced leaders in the industry, call us today at 888-622-0006 and get your business moving in the right direction! Or, if you are a customer with shipping needs, contact the professionals at AAGEX Freight Group now!