The American Dream of independence, self-directed success, and achieving your greatest potential, will be realized through your ingenuity, relentless effort, and good decisions. 

We built AAGEX Freight Group for you, the professional freight transportation and logistics entrepreneur. While you’re focused on sales, growth opportunities, and service execution, we provide finance, technology, risk management, marketing, and vendor administration through our "plug-in and grow" platform.

Because we operate exclusively through a network of independently owned branches, often referred to as "agents," we are always seeking to work with the very best. We have made a substantial investment in our platform to make your experience with us exceptional, and profitable for you. With centralized finance, technology, risk management, marketing, and vendor administration, and a team of ready professionals to support you, we achieve more wins for our agents, carriers, customers, and employees.

So consider these questions:

  • Want to work with a company that respects the fearless courage of the logistics entrepreneur? 
  • Want to book your loads in McLeod's LoadMaster and PowerBroker?
  • Want 24/7 access to the resources of a larger platform?
  • Looking to expand your business or add service offerings? 
  • Need help analyzing a new customer opportunity?
  • Want to work with an asset based carrier with a solid track record of safety performance?
  • Want to always own your own book of business and never sign a Non-Compete agreement?

As an independent agent with AAGEX Freight Group, you'll enjoy these advantages and more. Click here to download our Program Agent Flyer with more information.


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